We’re harnessing the power of those waves – literally and figuratively!

I was delighted to see this wonderful article and visual presentation on Scotland’s ocean energy pioneers, prototypes, and promise of a renewable energy future, already at work in the Orkney Islands.

William Booth writes:
“The Orkney Islands have hosted 34 experimental marine energy devices, more machines than anywhere else in the world…The experiments in Orkney offer a look at how the whole array might be interconnected — a real-world beta test of an integrated, renewable energy future in which electricity created by offshore wind and ocean power is used to produce green hydrogen.

With green hydrogen, the islands are on their way to hosting a first-ever, zero-emission aviation unit.

Scotland is not only a country of old, enduring traditions
but also of great elemental and human resource
– sun, wind, water and innovative minds!

Some experts say Scotland could provide a quarter of Britain’s electricity if she fully harnessed her natural powers.

Gareth Davies, head of one of Orkney’s sea-pioneering companies, boasts that “25 percent of Britain’s total electricity could be supplied by northern Scotland’s abundant wind, tide and solar resources, if they were harnessed. Today, less than 1 percent of the potential is being exploited.”

Go Scotland.