Roger’s Movie Nation: Trolling Artists

To tackle any harm done and very real pain felt is to make my experience one of those “teachable moments”, something others might find helpful. Maybe addressing Roger’s deceitful destructiveness and immaturity might generate more awareness and draw clear distinction between good critique and incompetent rant. Maybe we might start to reject the cheap “popularity” or “entertainment” of the latter, achieved at the real expense of another. 

The Critics: A Wish List

A good critic checks all facts thoroughly before she posts. She doesn’t judge from her own assumptions, inattention, or incomplete research and viewing…

A good critic doesn’t put self above or ahead of a film to start…No ridicule — for show, for self-assurance, or for other ulterior purposes…

It is said, all artists need an audience, but that doesn’t mean all should be *ruled* by one. The critic also looks out for the creative person, the whole realm of artistic purpose and freedom – and the frequently ignored audiences that cherish that space.

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The Critics: The Privilege

It is true that everyone is entitled to an opinion. It is also true that critics are not above reproach.
They themselves do not necessarily come with greater authority or even skill in their attempts to assert it…

In fact, the whole realm of review lends itself to an unjustified elitism, an overly cherished and protected opportunity to harm without basis, without self-check or cross-check — or even any productive experience in the field(s)…

Relative to the mind, maturity, and experience of the reviewer, public judgment can be a deceptive and destructive project, unless it’s handled cautiously from that very awareness.

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