Category: Public Relations

PR: Potential Ruin

Be wary of quick PR campaigns, under four months…The best campaigns might be more costly, but they make sufficient time for realistic, persistent, or better yet, exclusive outreach. They give a booked and busy press enough time to see and process who you are and what you’re doing… Some PR companies will continue to engage “bad apples”.
Without your fully informed approval, they will knowingly invite the worst to play.

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PR: Production Requirement

The kind of public relations and marketing that can pull your work out of “the noise” (media platforms awash with content) and protect you from theft is no longer a function of self-reliance or your own abilities to produce. It comes down to the ethic, skill, and network of those who represent you and your work…

The cost, time, and brand setback can be very real, if the task of navigating media filters or influencers to reach the people is handled carelessly or poorly – or not at all.

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